You've created an awesome framework or fixed a bug or designed a new feature for one of our frameworks but how can you share it with everyone?

Code Contribution Policy

We love developers who want to help improve the software. We welcome pull requests on github but we do have to exercise some editorial control over the code that's accepted:

Contrib is a platform for many different types of frameworks. Adding a new framework that could work for a broad vertical of domains have a better chance of being accepted. However, some feature are useful to a specific vertical industry (say survey, ventures, consultants) and those might also be a good fit for Contrib

Code quality is important. We're not draconian about writing perfect code but we like to see developers that care enough about their contribution to make them easy to read and clean.

User Experience is important. If your changes include user interface elements make sure they match up to the spirit of Contrib which should be simple and easy. Remember we are targetting users with or without building experience. Try to simplify complex tasks where possible. Make the interface work for non-technical users. Try to prevent users from making mistakes in a friendly way. Offer guidance for best-practices.

We favor code that comes with unit tests, duh!
We favor code that comes with documentation

How to Submit Your Code/App to Contrib

We use Git for source control and host our code at which makes it really, really easy for you to contribute code once you have the basic setup.

  • 1. Download Git which is a source control program. We use Git to keep track of all changes to the software so that we can easily roll back mistakes and merge in new features. The easiest way to get started is to view this tutorial on Git For Windows or Git For Mac.

  • 2. Download the Sample Framework from the Github Repo or just click this link to download it.

  • 3. Study the sample framework and if you are ready to upload your app, all you need to do is signup. We will do preliminary interviews and moderation and if you receive a congratulatory email then you need to go to Add Framework and upload your framework.

  • 4. We will study the code and do appropriate unit testing and we will contact you if we are ready to release it.